New Place to Play! GENESIS Health Club.

Top Flight Badminton play will resume on Sunday, September 10, from 5-8 pm at the GENESIS Health Club (formerly Elite Tennis) located at 1212 North 102nd Street in Omaha. (MAP)

To cover the increased cost of renting the facility and running the club, we have reduced membership fees and instituted a daily fee to play as follows:

  1. No more family memberships; each person, regardless of age, who plays badminton must fill out a membership form and pay to play
  2. Yearly Membership fee: adult, $20/year; under 18 years of age, $5/year
  3. Play costs: adult, $5 per play; under 18 years of age, $3 per play

The membership and daily fees are necessary to provide Top Flight sufficient funds to pay for renting the GENESIS Health Club’s courts and cover liability insurance, administrative and equipment costs for the club.

People who have been playing with Top Flight but were not members must become Top Flight members. New people will be allowed to play once before being required to become club members.

September 10th will start our 2017-2018 membership year. We request all members fill out, print and sign, front and back, the membership form and bring it, along with your membership fees, on September 10th. The form can be downloaded HERE.

Following is the process for Top Flight play at GENESIS Heath Clubs:

1. Top Flight members must park in the non-GENESIS member parking, which is the northwest area of their parking lot, the red square on the map below.

2. Upon entering GENESIS, club members will show their Top Flight ID cards to the attendants. Take your first right and follow the walkway to the right to the tennis/badminton courts.
3. Every playing member must sign in at the check-in table and pay to play: $5 for each adult and $3 for those under 18.
4. Help set up. We will be using the same standards and nets we used at the high school. We will also need to add several court lines, using painter’s tape, each week.
5. One to two courts will be reserved for paying youth to play.
6. We must stop play at 7:45 pm to allow time to put away the standards, nets, take the tape off the floor and sweep the floor. We appreciate everyone’s help in putting the equipment away.

Top Flight members and families do not have access or permission to GENESIS Health Club fitness equipment other than the tennis courts and restrooms.

Top Flight members and family are not allowed to roam throughout the facility. There is space around the sides of the courts for people to sit. However, there is not room for children to run around.

Because Top Flight is renting the GENESIS Health Club’s courts, it is important that we show respect and are considerate to the facility, staff and club members.

Top Flight will have a person serve as Host for each evening’s play. The Host will run check-in; collect payments; ensure the equipment is properly set up, taken down and stored; and oversee the evening’s play. Club members will be asked to occasionally be the Host. Expect more information at a later time.

Thank you for being flexible as Top Flight adjusts to our new arrangements. We hope you will continue to support Top Flight Badminton, enjoy our fellowship and playing this great sport!

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