2010 State Games

0016–OMS Br-Xiaodong

0032–Rec WD-L to R;

Gold-Carolyn Foster, Cori Miller

Silver-Carol Toris, Anne Wenas

0036–OMD you know who they are and which medal they got

0018–Boy’s Singles Br-Saugat Shrestha 005-C Youth Girls Singles

Silver: Binisha Maharjan
0038–OMxD L to R:

Silver: Beichen Wang/Xin Yu

Gold: Rani Jain/Anuj Sharma

0020–Boy’s Doubles

Gold-L: Saugat Shrestha, R: Matt Reynoldson (Lincoln partner)


Bronze: Teoh & Carolyn Foster

0037–RMxD- L to R

Silver: Cori Miller/Jpohn Shanahan, Grand Island

0019–Youth MxD L to R

Silver: Saugat Shrestha/Binisha Maharjan

0033-Family RecD L to R

Gold: Sanjay Shrestha/Saugat Shrestha

Silver: Bishworup Maharjan/Binisha Maharjan

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